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Live Coaching Calls

  • Master hot seat coaching

  • 3x per month

  • Recorded for later viewing

  • Led by Allison & Bekah

  • High Vibe Camaraderie 

  • Facebook Community

  • High-level sovereignty

  • Self-coaching and peer-coaching

  • The Crash-Course to Audacious Living

    Mind Games

    • The hidden built-in programming that's undermining your peace and joy, and what to do with it.

    • Why you are the way you are, and the software hack to who (and how) you want to be.

    • The red pill that puts all the power back in your hands; once you see it, you can't unsee it.

    Let's Get Physical

    • The most effective and kindest path to releasing inner tension, and how to do it on demand.

    • The ONE practice to implement to no longer be swayed by everything around you.

    • How to powerfully master your body's physical responses.

    • The sneakiest enemy of freedom, and how to flip it to serve you.

    Woo-Woo Shit

    • How to identify the invisible guardians keeping you small and locked down

    • The truths and realities you need to access to actually "ground yourself."

    • The woo-woo relationship causing all your frustration, and how to heal it. 

    • God wounds pt 1: The simple path for reconnection with source. 

    • God wounds pt 2: The art of seeing.

    Me, Myself, & I

    • How to do the number one practice for instantly feeling better.

    • How to stop giving your power away, for good.

    • The little known trick to befriending the dark side and discovering your greatest ally. 

    • The teen-tiny steps to a great big sparkly experience. 

    • How to detox from people-pleasing and obligation... without freaking out. 

    The Deepest Melody

    • How to find the true song that links everything together. 

    • How to read the sensory language of truth and lies in your body

    • The key to loving all the turns on your journey... even the scary ones.

    • How borrowing this one thing will radically shift the way you show up for yourself. 

    • why suppressing pleasure is keeping you stuck, and what to do about it.

    Magical Manifesting

    • The magic trick to everything you've been wanting. 

    • The art form of rewiring your brain for possibility. 

    • The quickest energetic shifts you can do to wildly change your day and up-level your life.

    • What to do when you've lost your magic and the momentum is backfiring. 

    • The childlike practice you MUST HAVE in order to experience the adventure you came for.


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